FREE SEO audit for YOUR website

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FREE SEO audit for YOUR website

Businesses can now save £450 with our limited time offer. Are you frustrated with your website? Not getting enough traffic? Not making any sales? Fed up of your ‘web guy’ telling you to be patient? Paid an arm and a leg for your website and not getting anything back? Ready to give up and throw the whole thing into the bin? HOLD ON! Now you can find out why your…

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a critical part of any SEO project or task. There’s no point having an amazing website, with the best content and user experience if Google and other search engines can’t crawl your site to add it to their index. Things to look out for: Dead links Link circles Sitemaps Robots file 302 redirects Site load times Plus much more Technical SEO is fundamentally about making sure search…

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Brighton SEO April 2016 Presentation


Our MD Andrew Halliday has been attending SEO and digital marketing conferences for a few years and has accepted a few speaking opportunities, including a small Google Event, a presentation to 50 people and some guest appearances on TWIO. This year, saw him speaking in front of his peers at BrightonSEO – the UKs largest SEO Conference. His first real presentation was on “Server Log Analysis” and if you are interested in the slides,…

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Doncaster SEO Services

Google is used for around 90% of all the UK’s search queries. If your website doesn’t rank well in Google, you could be losing out on a lot of business. While you may understand the importance of ranking well in Google, knowing what to do to achieve that is a different story. Did you know that some things could actually harm your site? There is a huge list of Do’s…

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Local SEO

Until very recently, if you were a small local business you had no chance of appearing on Google for your main keywords; it was dominated by large national businesses. However, Google realised people wanted local companies, so they introduced the Snack Pack which advertises local businesses. This meant that actually, the small guy around the corner could quite easily compete against the big boys of the Internet with very little…

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Digital Marketing

SEO has evolved over the years. Before the days of Google, Internet marketing was a case of going out, shouting about your website and trying to get others to visit you. Then Google came along and everyone forgot everything they knew and started buying links, only caring about Google and trying to get to number 1 in its rankings. Well, Google got smart and now targets people who buy links…

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Andrew Halliday | Managing Director

Andrew Halliday

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Indago Media provide a first class service and achieve great results. They are able to analyse a website and put together a strategy for increasing traffic. Their in-depth SEO knowledge is second to none and I would recommend Indago Media without any hesitation to any website owner who is struggling to make a success of their website.
Andrew has helped our company improve our SEO strategy. Creating actionable milestones to achieve better business results. Highly recommend and always willing to go the extra mile.
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